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Hip Replacement Success Stories

Posted on February 27, 2018

Most people wouldn’t describe getting a hip replacement as a “walk in the park.” Weeks of rehab and struggling to get around can cause many people to put off getting a necessary surgery. However, Lee Goldammer and Tony Bosch had excellent experiences with OI when they decided to pursue anterior hip replacements.

Lee Goldammer

Lee Goldhammer pitching photo.jpgHow did you first learn about OI?

My wife worked for OI years ago, and that’s how I got there. I had Dr. Zoellner do my first hip replacement - my niece recommended him.

What was your first experience with OI?

My initial experience was my first hip surgery. They cut most along the side, and I underwent therapy for about a month. Although rehab took a few weeks, I still got along well. That’s just the way it was back then.

How did you decide to get the anterior hip replacement completed?

I heard about this new type of surgery and how Dr. Rothrock would perform the surgery. I knew I would be in the hospital two to three days, and Dr. Rothrock said the amount of therapy I wanted to take on was up to me.

I remember my hip hurt so badly that I couldn’t raise my leg, so I went ahead with the surgery. Afterward, I pulled my leg up immediately, and there wasn’t any pain.

What was therapy like for this surgery?

There was no therapy after that - the doctor simply gave me a few things to do. I used a walker for two or three days, and then I went to a cane. I was easily going up and down steps in about two weeks.

What would you say to someone who is considering this surgery?

I recommend it right away - I recommend it to everybody. I’ve talked to four or five people, and I tell them it’s a piece of cake. There was much less rehab than after my first surgery.

You can be on your way in no time. Everyone has a tendency to put it off. I know it’s hard to do, because no one likes surgery, but they always say they wish they had done it a long time before.

Tony Bosch

How did you first learn about OI?

My wife had some surgery done with Dr. Looby. She had a sciatic nerve problem. I had seen Dr. Looby before - I didn’t know who he was at time – but I went to the fitness center and I saw him, but didn’t realize he was my wife’s doctor until later. 

What was your first experience with OI?

After my wife’s surgery, Dr. Looby came into the consultation room and we got to visiting. So I knew him when my hip started hurting. Next thing you know I have this hip causing me trouble. Dr. Looby said Dr. Adler was really good with hips. So I went in for an appointment, had the x-rays, and Dr. Adler told me my hip was full of arthritis. I asked him if we could do it soon, and he was able to make it happen for me the very next day.

I never missed one day of work after the surgery. I went to work after the surgery, set my walker off to the side, and I never used the walker, a cane or anything. The hardest part was training my head not to limp! Someone saw me afterwards and asked, “Didn’t you just have hip surgery? You’re limping pretty bad.” But my hip didn’t hurt at all. I was limping just because I was used to limping for so long because of my hip pain. So I took about a week for me to learn to stop limping.

Tony's Catering 4.jpgWhat was your experience with the doctors like?

Dr. Adler is just one fabulous human being. Orthopedic Institute is very lucky to have him, Dr. Adler and Dr. Mitch Johnson. We are blessed to have this kind of medical facility, Orthopedic Institute, in Sioux Falls.

What was therapy like for this surgery?

I didn’t need any therapy. I mean, I had a total hip replacement. No therapy. Zero! You just knew when it started hurting that you needed to take a break. 

What would you say to someone who is considering this surgery?

I wouldn’t look any further. Dr. Adler is the best there is as far as I am concerned. He’s not only a great surgeon but a great human being. He has patient charisma, he’s the whole package.

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